The symposium was a great success — all thanks to the participants, both speakers and audience, who brought plenty of ideas and perspectives to the Wychwood Barns space. In fall and winter of 2014-2015, the website will be updated with video and other supplementary material that will help bring the symposium to the widest possible audience. Stay tuned!


Toronto’s St. Clair Avenue West is both an important transit and economic artery and the hub for several of the city’s most diverse and dynamic neighbourhoods. Historically it was a key east-west axis for development in Toronto north of Bloor Street, and today it continues to grow and change in step with our expanding city.

Our project brings together academics, writers, practitioners of various urban professions and community members for a three-day symposium in June 2014 to exchange ideas around the theme of “Urban Transformations”. The objective of the symposium is to promote a greater understanding of urban life along St. Clair Avenue West, while placing its story in the contexts of Toronto, Canada and urban change worldwide.

Inspiration for the symposium comes from both members of local communities and the unique importance of St. Clair Avenue West to understanding urban life in Toronto.  The Wychwood Barns Community Association, a not-for-profit organization of dedicated local residents, is sponsoring the event as the final initiative of a year-long series of activities commemorating the centennial of the first run of the streetcar route along St. Clair.

Join us for Friday’s Opening Talk by the Grid’s Edward Keenan.
And check out the Heritage Toronto Walk + the Gallery exhibit.

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